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Program Board is completely run by student volunteers and is the oldest student organization at GW. We represent every educational level and program events for all students.

Funded by the University's Division of Student Affairs each fiscal year, Program Board is administered by an executive board led by the chairperson. Through our events and co-sponsorships, we collaborate with campus and community organizations to benefit the GW student body.



We strive to provide GW students with a diverse and accessible selection of festivals, concerts, films, shows, galas, and other events.

In doing so, we work with students, faculty, staff, and alumni in implementing a broad cultural, intellectual, social, public service, and recreational program for the university community.


Governing Documents

GW Program Board is governed by the George Washington University Board of Trustees Charter for the Program Board and its Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution can be downloaded below and includes descriptions of our executive board positions and the processes that govern our work.

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